Capture the Crypto Megatrend with Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns


Our Story

Crypto Natives Meet Wall Street

Our story began in 2018. Two crypto startup founders Felix and Yemu travelled to New York City to pitch their blockchain product. CK, a renowned Wall Street veteran at Credit Suisse hosted the two and discussed the implication of crypto on human society. The idea of creating a leading crypto hedge fund to capture the crypto megatrend with impeccable risk frameworks seeded, and finally grew into ZX Squared Capital in 2021. Wall Street veteran and crypto natives, two worlds combined. We love golf, sailing, and of course, NFT digital art.


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Investment Philosophy

Sustainable Return, High Sharpe Ratio

Crypto Only - We are firm believers of crypto, a technological paradigm shift for money, finance and Web 3.0 applications. Crypto is similar to Internet back in 1995 with faster adoption, and has deeper implications on our society. 

Lower Volatility - We use quantitative strategies with options and futures to reduce our portfolio volatility to a more manageable level of 30-40% vs. Bitcoin volatility of 80-100%. 

Sustainable Superior Return - In a bull market, we target a return of 40-70% annually. In a bear market, we will substantially reduce the downside.

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